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At S&R Stone Yard, we know you have a vision you want to achieve for your home or space. To reach it, you have to choose the right worktop and have it professionally installed.

The problem is, choosing the right worktop isn't easy - it takes time and effort. This can leave you feeling confused and anxious about the end result.

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We believe you should be able to access expert advice, choose from a wide range of worktops, and feel confident in your decisions... all whilst enjoying the process!

Choosing the right worktop and the right company to work with is a big decision. That's why we've made it easy and enjoyable for thousands of customers over the past 10 years.

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Hull Granite Worktops

Learn more about our granite worktops in Hull & East Yorkshire

Granite is an attractive option when considering a new worktop. It can create a timeless look in any kitchen no matter how large or small and achieve the same results for your bathroom and other areas around your home. This versatile stone is glossy, hard wearing, and available in many attractive styles.

Granite worktops are scratch resistant, durable, and hard to stain due to being made from a very dense grain. As such, a granite worktop will require little maintenance and can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water. They are beautiful and offer great value for money due to the longevity they provide and the competitive prices available from S&R Stoneyard in Hull.

Is granite the right choice for me?

One of the main advantages of a granite worktop is that they are extremely hard wearing and easy to clean! This means that after plenty of use your worktop can still look as gleaming and new as the day it was first installed. Granite only requires cleaning with warm water and a little soap along with a soft cloth.

Granite worktops are difficult to stain, and this will put you at ease when you are cooking or have any spillages on the worktops. Although they are heat and scratch resistant, it is still recommended that you use chopping boards and heat resistant mats on the surfaces to avoid any damage.

Granite worktop styles

Granite comes in a variety of colours, shades, and textures to suit your home. We offer a free buyer’s guide on our website to inform you on the process of measuring, selecting, and fitting a granite worktop, along with answers to some of the most common question our customers have.

From our Hull granite worktop showroom we can offer you samples and great advice from our granite experts who can guide you and offer insight and advice to help you make the best decision for you.

Hull Quartz Worktops

Learn more about our quartz worktops in Hull & East Yorkshire

For people looking to create a stunning space in their home, quartz worktops are another popular choice when considering a natural stone worktop. Quartz worktops are hard wearing, typically consisting of quartz stone bonded together with a very minimal amount of adhesive. Depending on the manufacturer, quartz worktops are 90-99% quartz and at S&R Stoneyard in Hull we select from some of the world’s finest quartz. That means that this natural stone is very tough and versatile.

Much like granite, quartz is heat resistant and scratch resistant, although they should be still taken good care of by using chopping boards and heat resistant mats when cooking with hot pans and using sharp knives. Quartz is a non-porous stone so it is fantastic when it comes to resisting stains and will not harbour bacteria or viruses.

What are the benefits of a quartz worktop?

Thanks to the way quartz is made, the unique combination of nature and science means that there is more flexibility when it comes to choosing a style for your quartz worktop. For example, the worktop can be subtly changed in colour by adding pigments or it can be enhanced by adding marble or crystals.

This creates a variety of textures and appearances with something to suit every style. Another benefit of quartz is that, once installed, it will not require any maintenance work of sealing or re-sealing. Quartz is easy to clean and requires minimal effort, warm soapy water will do the trick and your worktop will be looking clean and shiny in little time!

Adding quartz to your home can add value to your property and will be an investment that can last a lifetime, so it is always worth considering when considering natural stone options.

25 year quartz worktop warranty

We offer a 25 year warranty on our complete range of quartz. To learn more, you can download our free buyer's guide right now, contact us online, give us a call, or come in store for samples and free, expert advice.

Hull Marble Worktops

Learn more about our quartzite marble worktops in Hull & East Yorkshire

What better way is there to add luxury and statement to your home than by adding marble? Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed when sediment crystallises under pressure or heat to form a hard rock. It is cool to touch, adding brightness, luminosity, and elegance to your home. It can be used in a variety of spaces and when used commercially it rarely fails to create an impact.

Should I choose a quartzite or marble worktop?

Marble is an incredibly popular look and certainly does provide the wow factor in any home. It does require more attention to heat and scratches compared to the other stones, but if it is cared for correctly it could be the perfect choice for you. Marble can be cleaned easily with hot soapy water and buffed dry to avoid any water marks occurring.

It will be sealed professionally when installed but typically requires some maintenance thereafter.We work with some of the leading stone suppliers to offer you the highest quality of marble and quartzite available. Quartzite comes in a range of colours and markings with no two pieces ever being the same!

Please download our free buyer’s guide for more information and answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. If you have any further questions, why not pop into our hull marble worktop showroom or make an appointment to view samples and we can advise you on the best natural stone options for your project.